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I want to welcome you to The Micro File Blog. This blog is designed to give information and tips on online digital marketing. I do not claim to be an expert in this field but I would like to share what I know with you, the reader.  Some of what I plan to post here on The Micro File may be elementary to your skill set. We do not want to assume that all readers of this blog come with a working professional knowledge of online marketing. Comments, recommendations and corrections are encouraged by you the reader. This help me by correcting any wrong facts I have learned. Below, I have listed some of the goals and directions I would like to take with this blog.

  • Online Marketing Tips
  • Business Website Reviews
  • Photo and Video Media Techniques
  • News and Resources

I would like to break each section down so you can get a better idea what to expect from The Micro File. I may on occasion go off topic if I feel it fits in to what the readers are looking for. If you would like to see other topics mentioned in this blog, fell free to comment or send me an email. I am always open to new ideas and directions.


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Online Marketing Tips

Online marketing tips is exactly what it means. These type of posts will be what I have found to be interesting and have worked as a web designer and digital strategist. Some tips will be tried and true blasts from the past and most will be up to the date trends used in white hat marketing. I plan on blogging about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategies using PPC (Pay Per Click) and banners, backlink acquisitions, Google Analytics and much more.  I am always looking for the next great thing, so this is where you can interject concepts and trends as you learn them.

Business Website Reviews

As a digital strategist always wanting to learn what works and what does not, I like to diagnose business websites and their marketing strategies. This gives me insight about what trends are actually being implemented and what type of success the results are. I plan to link each company I review to give positive feedback with some constructive criticism were needed. This will not be negative slam on any business. When I run into a business who has a poor marketing strategy, they will not be named. This is to be an educational blog and not Yelp.

Photo and Video Media Techniques

These posts are more educational of the methodologies used as opposed to a direct influence to online marketing. I have been a photographer for many years both in the digital and film worlds. Most of my professional work has been in e-commerce product photography. This includes photo shoots with models and still items for resale.

News and Resources

When something is breaking in the world of online marketing or information technology, I will want to blog about it. This includes changes in online marketing techniques, search engine changes, or social media changes. I listen to a few podcasts and read many trade publications on the online marketing topic. I also keep abreast on new technologies, information technology best practices, network administration, project management and business news.

Final Thought

I urge you to comment to my post here at The Micro File. You also have the full rights to repost anything here as it is public domain. My only ask would be to link back to my original post if you have found it to be useful.  I hope this blog ends up being what you are looking for and helps you be a better marketing strategist. I know it will help me by writing it.


Thank you,
Chris Salerno

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