Lake Point Tower Condominium and Marina


The Lake Point Tower Condominium and Marina project was done to bring the home owners association in line with the new amendments under Florida HB 1237 to update Florida Statute 718 and acts relating to condominiums. The law states that associations with 150 or more units, not including timeshares, shall post digital copies of all [...]

American Board of Sexology


This website is being build for the American Board of Sexology. This client website is a searchable directory for registered clinical sexologists. To be listed, a fully qualified clinical sexologist from an accredited college and have a Ph.D must be reviewed by the American Board of Sexology. Once verified, the clinical sexologist can be listed [...]

Alternative Realization


The Alternative Realization project included working closely with the client to get a better understanding of hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy. The client Guillermo Leon was in need of a website refresh, SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), social media marketing, ecommerce setup and video marketing. This project included marketing [...]