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2018 Florida Statute 718.111 – Condominium Law

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The Florida State Congress’ House Bill 1237, (HB 1237) has many moving parts and condominium associations and property managers need to be aware of them. Condominium Association Website of Florida wants you to be fully armed and understand the law as it is written. In this blog post, we have re-formatted the Florida statute 718.111 for easy [...]

YouTube Video Marketing

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YouTube Video Marketing Incorporating video content, YouTube Video Marketing, as part of a larger marketing plan is a great way to create brand recognition and boost your online visibility.  With creative content and focused keywords, a video from YouTube can rank highly on Google's search engine. A well-rounded online marketing campaign will include website SEO, [...]

Black Hat Acquiring of Emails by Website Scraping

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Website scraping to get email lists and spamming As a digital marketing professional, I am sometimes confronted by clients who do not understand the proper techniques in acquiring email lists. Typically, the client is under the impression that any email found is an open invitation to solicit or spam. Spam or spamming as it is [...]

Tilt-Shift Photography Miniature Faking Using Digital Post Processing

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Tilt-Shift The combination of digital photography and photo editing programs have opened up a pandora of fantasy images no one could have ever imagined. The above image shown in this post has been called  Tilt-shift photography. A tilt-shift lens is also known as a perspective control lens and can cost well over a $1000.  Back [...]